Is it Done yet?

How do you create a successful business? 

What steps does a CEO take with a product idea to build a profitable company? It starts with the Will to Create. Sometimes the vision of a solution to a problem inspires the Will to Create and sometimes the other way around. But it is that Will that is the essential starting point. Many great ideas pass quietly away, unnoticed, without the force of an entrepreneur’s will to propel it into reality. There’s a reason for the cliché “where there’s a will there’s a way”. I will even go as far to say that an entrepreneur without an overwhelming force of Will, isn’t. The category “successful entrepreneur” is self-selecting. Will manifests by constantly and energetically dogging the question “Is it done yet?” From there success depends on what you mean by “it” and “done”!

Will is reinforced by success. Picking the right battles—the Best Next Move—at each step of the way. It’s necessary not only to keep a business afloat, but to strengthen its life-force. And there are a lot of battles that must be won. I’ve asked several successful CEOs to put a number to the “things” that have to be right for a business to thrive: somewhere between 7 and 15. Maybe those things could be mapped to the top tiers of an org chart: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Product Development, Client Support. Somehow that seems non-responsive, though, right? It’s like saying you have to get “everything” right. You can’t keep a clear vision of success cylcling through “Is Sales done yet?”, “Is Operations done yet?”, “Is Finance done yet?” …


Is it Done yet? Is it Done yet?

A CEO is challenged to excel in identifying the Best Next Move in three areas: Teams, Means, and Messaging. The knowledge base and skill sets for those three areas are very different. But wait! No mention of Product? Products are exactly that: a Product of Teams, Means, and Messaging and all the knowledge and coordinated efforts spent in those are three key areas. So, is “it” done yet? “It” is the Product. That keeps you focused. But “done”? This is a process and Products only launch from time to time—so the answer will be “no” almost every time you ask. The criteria for determining “done” is articulated and measured in three languages: Teams, Means, and Messaging.

Three perspectives,
one focus

Teams, Means, Messaging

Do we have the right people on the project?
Does each one of them know what to do?
Are they committed to deliver?

Do they have the right tools?
Does the company expense rate support the time frames?
What if it takes longer?
What if it’s hugely successful, will it scale fast enough before the clients get frusrated?

Is it the right product for the target market?
Will the target market recognize its value?
Is it priced right?

Harriett Flowers champions
the Entrepreneur

Mrs. Harriett Flowers

Harriett Flowers champions the Entrepreneur. Her own business journey is from founding Entrepreneur—Bootstrap/Organic inception, to Angel money, to Private Equity Recapitalization, to Acquiring Entity, to Acquired Entity, to successful Public exit. She is currently an Investor, Mentor, and Board Member in the Healthcare and Technology sectors.
A true pioneer in delivering Software-as-a-Service, Ms. Flowers founded IMaCS, a Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions company (later Accuro) in the 1990s, at a time when a Cloud figure in a diagram meant “we can’t explain how it gets from here to there”.) Wanna see something really scary? Check out the Way Back Machine’s archive of our website in December 1996! Originally a software developer by trade, she has sold, architected, and managed successful systems that have generated well over $1 Billion in revenue:

• Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Point-of-Care Price Transparency CarePricer (MedAssets, now nThrive)
• Healthcare Claims Payment technology, including commercial bundled pricing administration for transplant cases
Data Center Scheduling (Sam Wyly’s UCC—University Computing Company, now Broadcom)
• Master Limited Partnership Transaction Tax Reporting (Price Waterhouse Coopers)

• Propane Gas Market Deal Analysis and Transaction Accounting (Hadson Gas)

• Retail Banking Sales Tools
(Hogan Systems)

Always prioritize selling Product before Equity: Recognizing the critical need for the elusive sales & marketing expertise in Technology-oriented businesses, Harriett co-founded the consulting group, BaylonST (Sales Technology) to help clients find and stay on the shortest route to Revenue.

As the Enumerist, Harriett seeks novel solutions to old problems. The Enumerist’s Finite and Unbounded technology team evaluates and prototypes late-breaking technologies like natural language processing, image recognition, machine learning, predictive analysis, and big data in an effort to find the business potential within the hype.


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